Normal Breast in X-Ray Molybdenum Sputtering Target

Normal Breast in X-Ray Molybdenum Sputtering Target Picture

Normal breast in x-ray molybdenum sputtering target performances are as follow:
1. Papilla: papilla is in the central of mammary areola and the top of breast. The shape of breast is cylindrical and the diameter is 1.5~2.5cm. In X-ray film the papilla is at protuberant state, plat or little enophthalmos.
2. Mammary areola: the area of mammary areola is mean from the central of the papilla to 3.0~4.0cm diametric area and the surface of the mammary areola has montogmery sometime you can see it has little protuberance.
3. Skin: the normal skin’s thickness is 0.05~0.3cm and the mammary areola thickness is 0.1~0.5cm showing line-like shadow and the thickness is even.
4. Adipose layer: the adipose layer is between skin and superficial fascia and the thickness is more than1.0cm. Adipose layer shows highly transparent in the X-ray films and in adipose layer also can see the shadow of hanging ligament which is thick or thin.
5. Cooper ligament: the performance of cooper ligament varies with each individual. Poor development person can’t see cooper ligament in the X-ray films or only can see a fine shadow in the adipose layer and front end point to the papilla. On the other hand, well development person the performance of cooper ligament is long and narrow triangle shadow based on shallow level and the tip point to the papilla.
6. Shallow superficial fascia: the whole mammary gland is packed in shallow superficial fascia and deep superficial fascia which is difficult to see in the X-ray films.
7. Milk duct: there are 15~20 milk duct in the papilla shown radial pattern and extend to mammary gland deep and end in acinus. In the X-ray films you can see a lot of big duct.
8. Gland: the picture of the gland showing in the X-ray is patchy shadows and the edge of it is vaguer which mix together lots of lobules and fiber texture.
9. Fat line: the fat line lies on breast tissue and chest wall parallel with cheat wall. There is low show up rate in the plate molybdenum sputtering target and perform bright shadow.
10. Blood vessel: in X-ray films, there can see intravenous shadow in adipose layer of the top of breast. The right and left side of intravenous shadow usually approximately equal.

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