Molybdenum Plate Sputtering Target

Molybdenum Plate Sputtering Target Picture

The thickness of molybdenum plate sputtering target is from 0.09 inch to 3 inch.
Appearance: silver gray with metal luster
Specification (mm): above BCM=9.9(0.3-10)(60-400)800
Content: molybdenum content: 99.95%~99.6%,impurities content: ≤0.04%
Density: 10.2g/ m3

Grain size: molybdenum sputtering target usually considered as polycrystalline structure and the size of target can divide from micron to millimeter. The target with small grains have faster sputtering rate than coarse grains. Besides, if grains sizes are more even the thickness of films which deposits by molybdenum sputtering target even as well.

Properties: high melting point, high conductivity, low specific impedance, great corrosion resistance and environmental friendly material.

Production processes: molybdenum powder (raw-material)-pressing—sintering-inspecting-hot rolling-levelling and annealing-alkali washing-proceeding-packing-deliver

Application: molybdenum plate sputtering target was widely used in mould and furnace parts building, electron industry and semiconductor industry’s components production, vacuum furnace, heating furnace and thermal insulation material’s plate electrode and other fields.

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