Molybdenum Sputtering Target and Breast Cancer

Molybdenum Sputtering Target and Breast Cancer Picture

Why people like to use molybdenum sputtering target to check breast cancer?

X-ray molybdenum sputtering target is recognized as an effective method for early detection of breast cancer in the world, especially digital mammography. It can clearly show the fine structure at all levels, especially the subtle calcifications of the breast, and X-ray mammography showing tiny clusters calcium is an important basis for breast cancer diagnosis. Some women with breast disease, mammography done, but do not know how this is going to check in the end, what effect, and compared with B ultrasound, ultrasound what advantages the mammography having.

Breast cancer is a big threat for many women‘s life and health. Currently, breast cancer mammography screening is a big weapon to ferret out breast cancer.

Mammography x-ray machine configuration: mammography x-ray machine use metallic material molybdenum to make target surface and filtration plate, resulting in a soft X-ray machine. Using molybdenum sputtering target X-ray machine to take photos that people can see fine structure and small focuses of the breast clearly. Mammography X-ray diagnosis breast cancer has become one of most effective and reliable means, in foreign countries, this technology has become breast examination compliance programs.

Mammography working principle: general shooting bilateral breast’s anteroposterior and inside and outside oblique film, plus film and local spot film when special circumstances require. During shooting, the machine’s compression plate will force some suitable compression on breast and you'll find a little discomfort, but it does not matter. Soft X-rays emitted by molybdenum sputtering target through breast strike in a special X-ray sensitive film loaded in the cartridge to form an image. Due to the different structures of different density breast tissue components, will form different manifestations on the X-ray images. The doctor can through these photos which have difference density to diagnosis breast disease.

Mammography detected breast disease range: such as breast lobular hyperplasia, breast fibroids, breast cancer, etc., but most of these breast diseases from the onset of puberty.

As the impact of environmental and dietary factors, the incidence of breast cancer has gradually increased and younger age trend. Therefore, women after puberty should always concern, and check their own breasts, and if the appearance is abnormal, or can reach the tumor, should seek medical attention. If conditions permit, we recommend that you regularly go to the hospital for routine examination of mammography every 1 to 2 years.

Note: mammography is a ray inspection so does not recommend people often to do it especially people who in poor health.

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