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Computer Photography Picture

Computed radiography mammography technology is still one of the most effective ways to check breast disease.

In recent years, the incidence of breast disease increased year by year, especially the incidence female malignant breast cancer accounts for the top in many big cities of China, early detection and early diagnosis and early treatment are important factors in determining their prognosis. Although ultrasound, CT, MRI has developed rapidly, but ultrasound, CT, MRI of breast disease has certain limitations, often can not confirm the diagnosis of breast disease and has complex technical operations, higher prices, penetration is not high, the current mammography computer photography It remains one of the most effective ways to check breast disease.

Breast mammography computer photography, can clearly show the structure of breast mammary gland hyperplasia calcification shape and the number of axillary lymph nodes in the breast tumor extent and specific circumstances, which can clear the breast structure whether abnormal or not and observe breast lump size, shape and edge cases, calcification size and number, axillary lymph node enlargement or not, etc. and thus make a definite diagnosis of breast disease.

Molybdenum sputtering target use in computed radiology making mammary radiography quality has great improve. CR system has professional mammary molybdenum sputtering target processing software and great post-processing function, processing ip plate information can automatically set sensitive range of mammary gland to make mass gland’s structure calcified skin, nipple vein structure, axillary lymph nodes and other in the picture has clear structure. As we knew, expression perfect information is an important means to diagnose breast disease, especially important for breast cancer screening.

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