Molybdenum Sputtering Target Storage

Molybdenum Sputtering Target Storage Picture

Molybdenum sputtering target has high melting point, high conductivity, corrosion resistance and low specific impedance and other advantages. And it is the environmental friendly material as well. Besides, in storage technology there are some requirement such as high density and big hard disk development which need high purity molybdenum sputtering target material.

As we knew, the development tendency of molybdenum sputtering target connect with downstream application industry’s films technology development tendency closely, with the development of application industry in films product and component technology development, the technology of molybdenum sputtering target technology development as well. In the storage technology, high density, big hard disk and high density optical random access memory demand will continues to increase and all these will influence application industry demand for molybdenum sputtering target change.

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